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February 3, 2021

RVDA Endorses Strategy Titan Sales Forecasting Program

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National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) members now have access to a data and analytics solution that can assist dealers with inventory planning, marketing, sales and other management processes through the association’s endorsement of the Strategy Titan Sales Forecasting Program, according to an RVDA release.

Jason Krantz, CEO & Founder

Strategy Titan provides towable and motorized product forecasts at the national, regional, state, and localized Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) levels. While all levels of forecasts are valuable, forecasts by MSA can help provide clarity on local consumer demand and drive better inventory management decisions,” said Strategy Titan CEO Jason Krantz. “More that 90 percent of all RV unit sales flow through MSAs.”

In addition, Strategy Titan forecasts can be used to provide independent third-party confirmation of internal forecasts, aid in site selection for dealership expansion, and provide more confidence in decision-making.

“Strategy Titans Sales Forecasting Program brings additional strategic analytics and market intelligence capabilities to RV dealers,” said RVDA President Phil Ingrassia. “This sales forecasting tool complements RVDA’s long-term endorsement of the Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI) RV Industry Data program.”

Strategy Titan requires a subscription to the SSI data program. However, all RVDA members can potentially benefit from Strategy Titan’s high-level data that will be published in RV Executive Today and other association communications. They also have a complimentary 2021 RV retail forecast package they are making available to the RV community at

Sales forecast subscription pricing varies, depending on market size. Strategy Titan offers a 10% discount for RVDA members and multiple-market discounts are available.

RVDA-endorsed products and services help dealers manage their businesses better by providing access to reliable products and services. The RVDA Board of Directors approved the endorsement upon the recommendation of the RV Assistance Corporation (RVAC). To see a full listing of all RVDA-endorsed products and services, visit the RVDA website.

About Strategy Titan

Strategy Titan Founder and CEO Jason Krantz has more than a decade of business analytics, data science, and strategic leadership experience in public and private equity owned business. The company specializes in creating analytics strategy, capabilities, teams, and solutions that drive revenue and profitability. For more information, visit

About the RV Assistance Corporation

RVAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RVDA that develops member benefit programs for the association. RVDA is the national association representing RV retailers. The association’s members include RV dealers, RV rental operators, and RV aftermarket sales and service locations. For more information, visit

2021 US RV Retail Forecast package is now available. You can get it at the link below.

Download The Report

The executive summary is a crisp yet robust 3 page overview of our retail outlook for 2021. It is a valuable 5 minute read.

This deep market outlook content will give you national and regional level RV retail unit and volume forecast segmented by product type and price point.

If you are interested in receiving our RVDA endorsed 2021 local (MSA level) forecasts for your markets you can contact me at These could be of immense value as you prepare for the spring and summer.

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