August 2021
11:00 am
Public Event

Why You Need an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Wendy Perry

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Webinar, Chicago, IL

You may not identify as an entrepreneur, but applying an entrepreneurial mindset is important to whatever context you might be working in - whether it is non-profit and government agencies, corporates and the private sectors, or small to medium enterprises and startups.

Perhaps you are trying to fundraise and access grants, promote and market your organisation, products and services, and/or build partnerships. Taking an entrepreneurial approach will help you to move into scaling up, systematizing the way you work, streamlining what you offer, servicing your clients, and supporting your team.

Entrepreneurial thinking is about recognising opportunities in the marketplace and understanding how and when to capitalise on them in any context, including social innovation and intrapreneurship. It takes time to train yourself to use your talents and experience to see opportunities where others do not - so come along to this session and explore ways to extend your thinking and experience to the next level.