June 2021
6:00 pm
Public Event

Influence For Good

Sponsored By
General Assembly

This session is part of GA's Marketing Week, a weeklong festival of free workshops, fireside chats and panel discussions focused on reimagining the world of marketing, media, technology and creative industries. Learn new skills, gain insight into other industries, and inspire others to drive change. Check out the full schedule here!

Over the last two decades, social media has become an integral part of people’s lives. People bring their phones with them almost everywhere they go, and the average amount of time spent a day on social media is over 2+ hours for Americans. With this in mind, a social media influencer holds a lot of power in their hands.

Influencers build a loyal following through their online content creation. Yet, this year what it means to be a social influencer has shifted. Before, social media influencers would be using their platform to promote products or show off their travels. Now, more social media influencers have been using their platforms to encourage people to vote, share articles/posts around social unrest, encourage people to buy from ethical brands, or donate to particular causes.

With great power, comes great responsibility. During this panel conversation, influencers will talk about their shift towards 'influencing for good' and supporting social movements through their platforms. During this talk we will cover:

  • How to create a positive impact on an audience
  • What causes they hope to elevate
  • What they have learned while incorporating social activism
  • How they think being an influencer has shifted and where they see it going

About the Instructors

Kayte Demont

Artist + Curator,

Kayte was born and raised in Maine, spent the last decade living in Boston, Los Angeles, Denver and Austin, and now is back in Vacationland but travels frequently as an artist.

After graduating from Gettysburg College with a degree in English and a concentration in Studio Art, she created the lifestyle and music blog, Mass Musings (2012-2020), as a central place of inspiration for creative individuals. Kayte focused on creating quality content and genuine connections with a strong emphasis on lifestyle and music. Through her writing and photography, she was able to connect her audience with some of the most well-respected, international brands and artists. Additionally, she freelanced as a marketing and branding consultant for several well-known companies.

Now, Kayte works as a full-time artist (in many mediums) and freelance stylist (both fashion and interior). Kayte is a proven community leader and teacher, having taught several classes through General Assembly and consulted on the launch of various start-up movements around the country. When she's not working on WCKD COLLECTIVE, Kayte can be found tearing up a dance floor, thrifting, painting, or adventuring with her dog Lucy.

Emmanuel Lopez

Director of Content,
AKH Digital

Digital Creator, Creative Consultant, Social Media Marketing, Founder

Kelly McGarry

Account Executive of Influencer Marketing,

Kelly McGarry (she/her) is an AE of Influencer Marketing at Ketchum with a special interest in prioritizing queer and BIPOC creators for client partnership opportunities. Having graduated Emerson College in 2019, Kelly joined the agency world and has worked with brands such as IBM, LG, Frito-Lay, Philips, and Maytag. Outside of work, Kelly is a Mets fan, Queens native, tap dancer, and snail expert.

About Our Partners

AKH Digital

AKH Digital is a Dallas-based digital marketing agency that builds sustained branding and content strategies through social media, search engine marketing, videography, web, and graphic design.


Ketchum is a full-service agency built on data advantages and award-winning creative. Using our industry-first influencer attribution platform, omniearnedID™, our global network of influencer and talent specialists can support everything from hyper-local influencer marketing activations to highly coordinated global brand campaigns – and prove return on influence. Learn more at