June 2021
11:00 am
Public Event

Founders Marketing Fireside Chat

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General Assembly

This session is part of GA's Marketing Week, a weeklong festival of free workshops, fireside chats and panel discussions focused on reimagining the world of marketing, media, technology and creative industries. Learn new skills, gain insight into other industries, and inspire others to drive change. Check out the full schedule here!

Join us and hear from leaders in the field on how they have adapted to today's rapidly changing marketing landscape.


  • Common marketing mistake to avoid
  • What are the most important skills for marketers in 2020
  • Where is the future of digital marketing is going
  • Digital marketing tactics or strategies that will fade by next year
  • How the he rise of AR, VR, AI will change the digital marketing landscape in the next year

About the Instructors

Alex Kennedy

Rostock Media

Alex has a decade of experience in digital media strategy, and has worked with brands like Google, Sierra Club, and Team USA during the Rio Olympics. He is currently the Founder of Rostock Media, which helps social impact brands and organizations make a bigger impact through granular benchmarking and competitive insights in digital advertising.

Prior to starting Rostock, Alex worked at Blue State Digital, which directed the online component of the Obama ’08 and ’12 campaigns. While at Blue State, he managed ad campaigns for the nonprofit organization Freedom to Marry, which contributed to the Supreme Court’s historic legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015. Alex earned his MBA from Babson in May 2020, and graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Film and Media Culture.

Jenni White

Founder & CEO,
Polaris Marketing & Consulting

Polaris Marketing & Consulting's Founder and CEO, Jenni White has been a much sought after marketing guru from tech start ups to long-term established businesses. She specializes in building strategic partnerships, business development and marketing strategy implementation. In addition to managing the company's digital marketing services empire, Jenni also consults with companies across the United States and donates her time to multiple charities as well. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she went on to study undergrad at The Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA, she recently became a Dale Carnegie Black Belt and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Alexander Deeb


Alex is a technology entrepreneur with a passion to create positive social good in the world. An opportunity seeker who relishes the spirit and process of entrepreneurship, Alex enjoys advising first-time entrepreneurs and specializes in prototyping and getting an initial product out to market quickly. He is currently working in the educational technology space to shape the future of education.

Badri Malynur

Co-founder/VP ,
Avestor Inc.

Badri Malynur is a Cofounder and VP at Avestor Inc. ( real estate investment technology platform that allows investors to build custom real estate portfolios. Badri has extensive investment experience spanning a large variety of assets including real estate, stocks, bonds, crypto currencies, commodities, options and angel investing. He has co-founded two start-ups and has extensive management experience leading large teams at a Fortune 500 company. He has an MBA in Marketing & Finance and a Masters in Computer Science.

Thomas Kimura

Brickspace Lab

I work with e-commerce merchants (mostly on Shopify) and help them do cool stuff (Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Interface Design, Web Development, Creative direction).

About Our Partners


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Rostock Media

Rostock Media helps social impact brands and organizations make a bigger impact. For impact-oriented digital marketers, it is difficult to understand when, where and how to deploy campaigns that are cost-efficient. We help them remove the guesswork through granular benchmarking data and insights so they can drive better results and make a bigger impact.