July 2021
1:00 pm
Public Event

Designing a Value Aligned Network with Jo Marini

Sponsored By
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Chicago, Online

Founders should make intentional choices around how they think about their network and consider purpose, social impact, who they hire and how they raise money to begin shifting that “template” foundation. When founders take these actions, they begin to set their own standards and become a proof point as well as agent for change for others.

This session will review how to create opportunity through value aligned partnerships that allow the startup to go further together. It will focus on building an ecosystem and bringing others into that ecosystem with intention while establishing alignment.

  • How to find co-founders
  • How to think about a purpose statement
  • How to select mentors, vendors, teammates
  • How to find investors that are value aligned
  • How a new founder can become a value aligned mentor for others