August 2021
9:30 am
Public Event

August 5th Naperville Business Networking Meeting

Sponsored By
Naperville Business Network
400 S. Eagle St. Room B- Basement Garage Level Naperville, IL 60540

Join us on Thursday, February 6th for Naperville Business Network’s monthly networking breakfast meeting, with guest speaker Ozias Washington. His talk will discuss ways to build on your strengths to achieve success.

Talk: Don't Fix Your Weakness - Build on Your Strengths

Which would help you be more successful in life: knowing your weaknesses and attempting to improve them, or knowing your strengths and attempting to build on them?


  • Start with talent - what are the naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior you bring to almost anything you do?
  • Build skills and knowledge - what additional expertise and practice do you need to turn your talent into strength - and near-perfect performance?
  • Find ways to do what you do best every day - align your strengths with the critical activities of your role.
  • Manage weaknesses; don't try to improve them - leverage complementary strengths and build complementary partnerships.

Join us on Thursday, August 5th for the opportunity to network with other business leaders in and around the Naperville area. We look forward to you joining us for breakfast, our group meeting, some networking, and an opportunity to grow your business with our guest speaker, Ozias Washington.