January 2021
12:00 pm
Public Event

Texas A&M University's approach to modernizing research through the cloud

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Amazon Web Services

Join us for IMAGINE: The New World of Education, a global series of conversations with (and for) education leaders.

IMAGINE: The New World of Education, a global webinar series presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS), showcases education institutions and organizations that have innovated in the cloud to ensure that learners of all ages have access to the education, training, and resources needed to keep our world moving forward.

The ability to implement change quickly is imperative for universities and research institutions who need to secure research and meet the needs of a remote teaching environment and virtual workforce. Texas A&M University developed the Secure Technologies for Aggie Researchers (STAR), a new platform built on the Amazon Web Services Cloud that’s secure and cost effective. It offers robust and scalable servers, storage, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, secure data transfer, data collaboration, and more. Join this fireside chat to learn from Dr. Joshua Kissee about how STAR replaces the lengthy purchasing and research procurement and implementation process for grants and agreements that have regulated data requirements. Discover how the platform uses a self-service workflow and offers new tools to expand the portfolio of research resources that are already enabling transformational research and innovation.