April 2021
10:00 am
Public Event

Sustainability in Healthcare

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Join MATTER and Green Innovation Group on Earth Day as we discuss the future of healthcare and how it will impact the future of our planet.

Sustainability expert and Green Innovation Group A/S CEO Frederik van Deurs will highlight some of the most significant green technological advancements of recent times, the challenges we’re facing as a global society and how health innovation can be leveraged as a powerful tool to achieve global drawdown of greenhouse gases.

Following van Deurs’ keynote, we’ll take two deep dives to examine how pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry at large have a responsibility to reduce their environmental footprint.


10:00-10:20am CT | Keynote address: The Green Future and How We'll Get There: An Optimistic Case for a Green and Prosperous Future with Green Innovation Group A/S CEO Frederik van Deurs

10:20-10:40am CT | Case study

10:40-11:00am CT | Case study

11:00-11:30am CT | Networking and discussion*

*After the program, join us for networking and discussion via Zoom breakout rooms. If you wish to join, make sure to opt in when you register.

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Frederik van Deurs

CEO of Green Innovation Group A/S

Frederik has been leading the scaling of Green Innovation Group to have activities in 12 countries and an online platform with more than 6,000 green innovations. On a daily basis Frederik works vigilantly to build partnerships for the green transition, aiming to build solid business cases. He's a Cand.Scient.Anth from the University of Copenhagen. His specialty is within corporate innovation and green investments.