May 2021
12:00 pm
Public Event

Launch your Inner Entrepreneur with Charlene Walters

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Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

We are pleased to welcome Charlene Walters, entrepreneurship coach, business and branding mentor, and author for a fireside chat to discuss the takeaways from her book- "Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur: 10 Mindset Shifts for Women to Take Action, Unleash Creativity and Achieve Financial Success."

With tens of millions unemployed and a pandemic wreaking havoc on traditional businesses, everyone is scrambling to find alternative ways to take control of their own livelihoods and earnings. And, unfortunately, women have been more severely impacted- recent labor statistics have reported that around 1.1 million Americans left the workforce at the end of last year and that nearly 80 percent of them were women! It’s clear that these displaced women need additional support right now and entrepreneurship may be an attractive option for them. In fact, 42 percent of all small business or franchise owners are women, and there are 13 million female-owned businesses contributing to $1.9 trillion in revenue in the US. Still, despite these facts, a multitude of research has shown that women business owners struggle more with certain facets of entrepreneurship than men which may thwart their success.

Charlene will address 10 specific Mindset Shifts women need to embrace an entrepreneurial attitude, as well as actionable advice on everything from cultivating financial confidence to avoiding burnout and achieving work-life balance.

You will walk away with:

• How to reframe challenges and see them as opportunities

• How to overcome imposter syndrome, deal with haters, and fight self-sabotage

• How to trust your gut when it comes to hiring and firing, attracting investors and keeping them happy, taking the leap and quitting your day job, and making the right choices for your business

• How to embrace failures and setbacks and use your fear to achieve your goals

• Why asking for help—both professionally and personally—is crucial to your growth

• Why it’s vital to choose mentors who have your back and hold you accountable

• How to master a remote work environment and balance it with your leadership

• How to cultivate financial confidence by talking about money, raising capital, and budgeting

• How to foster resilience and tenacity during times of change

• How to balance work and life as a busy fempreneur

Modify your mindset and ditch the bad habits holding you back. This is one you won't want to miss!


Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

Charlene is an entrepreneurship coach, business and branding mentor, author and trainer. She developed a digital entrepreneurship MBA program, serves as a mentor on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Ask an Expert” forum and through her own consulting business, is featured among other CEOs, Influencers and Celebrities on the BAM Network and was selected as one of 150 Marketers to Follow by Rubicly. Charlenehas taught hundreds of business and marketing courses at a number of universities, and has led workshops for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Insider Platform, and other corporations. An active participant in startup-industry podcasts, she has been featured and/or interviewed on The Women in Tech Podcast, Career Contessa’s Mentor Monday, Work at Home Women, Herpreneur, The Positive Place, The Recluse Podcast, Live With Dawnmarie, The Business Storytelling Podcast and more. She is also a contributor to many digital media outlets, including: Business News Daily, Entrepreneur, CEO Blog Nation, ShareThis, Business Insider, The Financial Post, Woman’s Day, Redbook, UpJourney,, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Bustle, Fundera, and more. Charlene has a BA in English, anMBA in Management and a PhD in Business Administration/Marketing. She is also the mother of two amazing children and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Stay Connected with Charlene!

Twitter: @CWaltersPhD

Order: Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur: 10 Mindset Shifts for Women to Take Action, Unleash Creativity, and Achieve Financial Success

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