November 2020
11:00 am
Public Event

How AWS Marketplace innovators help you Shift-Left with application security

Sponsored By
Amazon Web Services
Chicago, IL
Why Attend?
  • What has changed with AppSec, and how has that created underlying problems that need to be addressed?
  • Where is the responsibility boundary between AppSec and IT security in general?
  • How has the rise of containers and container orchestration changed traditional definitions of AppSec?
  • How do most try to handle the challenges today?
  • Why should these problems be addressed now?
  • What happens if nothing is done about it?
  • How should we think about tackling these challenges?
  • How do these problems fit in the context of other issues that we have?

Who Should Attend?

Security practitioners (Security Analysts, Security Architects, Senior Security Engineers, etc.), Cloud Security Architects, and the office of the CISO