December 2020
9:00 am
Public Event

Achieve AI Performance from Datacenter to Edge

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Artificial intelligence offers competitive advantages to almost every industry. But attaining AI’s benefits comes with steep challenges. Namely, managing huge volumes of data. This webinar unpacks key software tools and techniques for harnessing your datasets. AI applications must necessarily achieve a high bar. They must crunch, assess, and accurately visualize enormous, complex datasets in real-time. They must be parallelized. And they must be optimized to run across multiple architectures.

Two “powered by oneAPI” toolkits are purpose-built to meet all of those challenges. The Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit focuses on AI developers and data scientists. The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit provides AI application developers high performance for model deployment across Intel® architectures.

In this session, Intel AI product manager Saumya Satish address Intel’s holistic approach to AI and Data Science and discusses a set of software tools that enable development and deployment of machine and deep learning models across XPUs.

She’ll cover:

  • Key tools and frameworks—part of the oneAPI ecosystem—that deliver drop-in acceleration for AI workloads using complex scientific computations and big data analysis
  • How the Intel AI Analytics Toolkit and OpenVINO toolkit leverage oneAPI libraries to exploit cutting-edge hardware features
  • How to maximize performance for model training, inference, and deployment
  • Optimized machine learning and data analytics Python packages